Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry

At Elixel, we're your design partners, not just an agency. Our transparent, collaborative approach ensures digital solutions that seamlessly align with the needs of your customers and internal teams.

The Opportunity

In today's competitive insurance market, customer loyalty is fleeting—especially when a new quote is just a click away. The edge? A seamless user experience. When convenience rules, an exceptional user journey can tip the scales in your favour, even in a price-sensitive market.

Industry Challenges

We specialise in crafting intuitive insurance platforms that address these core challenges

Complex Policy Navigation

Customers often struggle with accessing and understanding policy details. A well-crafted UX simplifies this journey, leading to better client satisfaction.

Claims Processing

A cumbersome or unclear claims process can lead to user frustration and dissatisfaction. Enhanced UX can make this a seamless experience, fostering trust.

Data Security & Compliance

Ensuring user data protection without compromising experience is vital. Secure yet user-friendly platforms can maintain this balance.

Inefficient Onboarding

A lengthy or complex sign-up process can deter potential clients. Improved onboarding interfaces can drive conversions and client growth.

Benefits You'll Experience

As your dedicated design partners, we align with your unique insurance challenges. Together, we'll create customised digital experiences that...

Create Unwavering Customer Loyalty

Deliver experiences that competitors can't match.

Enable Operational Excellence

Error-free processes enhance efficiency and cut costs.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Satisfied customers and streamlined operations drive profitability.

Facilitate Cost-Savings

Optimised workflows mean fewer errors and quicker turnarounds, impacting your bottom line positively

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How do we deliver?

We are here to meet you wherever you are at in your journey. You could be at the beginning with an idea, have some designs you need user testing or you could have delivered your first version but its just not hitting the mark and you need a team to help you work out why.

Wherever you need support our vision is always the same – a smart and useful experience for your customers that makes their lives better and as a result drives real impact for your organisation.

Research & strategy

We work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your business, problems and goals and how to best deliver a solution that will create impact

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Designing & prototyping

During this phase we get the ideas down on paper, allowing us to test assumptions, measure effectiveness and make improvements before moving onto development.

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Development & testing

We've got development covered. We're flexible with our tech stack so we can build impactful and scalable products with minimal technical debt.

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"Elixel put themselves 'in our customer's shoes', so we have an app designed for our customers, rather than by insurance people."

Clare Sampson

Head of Business Process Change

Why Elixel?

We understand the insurance industry's unique complexities. Our user-centric solutions simplify processes for both your customers and employees. Embrace the power of exceptional UX and see your business thrive.