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Healix Health were faced with a competitive disadvantage due to the absence of a dedicated app and a subpar user interface/user experience in their existing claims portal. Our task was to partner with Healix to improve the UX/UI of their Member Zone web application and design a new mobile app to complement it. The objectives were clear; increase user engagement, streamline the claims process, and promote the usage of partnered third-party benefits.

At a glance

  • Discovery Analysis - Examination of internal processes and customer insights
  • Interactive Prototype - For stakeholder engagement and feedback
  • Design System - Comprehensive library ensuring consistency across the digital ecosystem
  • Integrated Features - Smooth incorporation of claims and benefits

Our Approach

We initiated an in depth UX audit, including an on-site visit to Healix's offices to develop an understanding of internal operations and associated pain points. This enabled us to pinpoint core issues and user needs, guiding our discovery and research phase. Our solutions centred on refining user journeys to enhance navigation and accommodate future services, all while reducing administrative overhead.

From this discovery phase, we crafted wireframes and prototypes that facilitated the development team’s early work on implementation. Our approach involved a 6-week design sprint focusing on wireframes, high-fidelity designs, and prototypes, always in close collaboration with Healix’s teams to ensure alignment with both business and user objectives.

Object Modelling & Identifying Problems

Foundation with Object Models

We began with the creation of an object model. This served as a blueprint, illustrating the necessary actions and components for each view within the app. This initial step was pivotal in establishing a clear and shared understanding of the app’s structure, allowing us to identify and address potential issues at the earliest stage.

Hi-fidelity Wireframes

With the framework set, we moved on to develop high-fidelity wireframes. These wireframes provided a detailed representation of the app’s layout, functionalities, and flow, but were more than mere illustrations—they were the conversation starters. Through these visual tools, we fostered an ongoing dialogue with Healix, ensuring that our designs were in step with their vision and user expectations. 

These wireframes then evolved into a fully interactive clickable prototype. This prototype was instrumental in demonstrating the user journey in a tangible form, allowing for real-time feedback and iterative collaboration with Healix. It was not just a prototype but a storytelling device that mapped out the future of the app in the hands of users.

Seamless transition into new Branding

While we were designing the application Healix were undergoing a rebrand.  To enable a seamless transition we crafted a visual design that bridged the current Healix branding with the new, forthcoming identity. It was essential to ensure that the transition would be fluid and free from disruption to the user experience. Our strategic foresight in this regard meant that we were designing for the present with an acute awareness of the future, aligning perfectly with the evolutionary journey of Healix's brand.

This phased and collaborative design strategy resulted in a solution that was robust, user-centric, and agile, capable of evolving alongside Healix's brand while setting a new standard for their digital presence.


The My Healix app, now available on iOS and Android, serves a growing number of businesses and has catalysed a broader update across Healix’s digital offerings, aligning all healthcare systems with the app’s innovative approach.

Our partnership with Healix, highlights our integrated role as strategic partners. We're closely aligned with Healix's rebranding, delivering designs that serve immediate needs while being adaptable for the future. This approach underlines our commitment to practical, user-centric solutions that support Healix’s growth and brand evolution.

And their story continues...

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