A logistics app that gets deliveries from A to B


Pall-Ex previously had an app that was not meeting the needs of their delivery drivers. We were commissioned to design and develop a new app that helps drivers to save time and manage deliveries for one of the largest logistics companies in Europe.

At a glance

  • Design Thinking workshop to understand driver behaviour
  • Clickable prototype to support stakeholder engagement
  • Delivery and vehicle management to enhance driver experience


We started our approach by running a UX service safari with one of the drivers to understand how they made deliveries and where we could identify the pain points, needs and behaviours. We took notes, asked questions and listened.

Once the research was analysed, we hosted a design thinking workshop with drivers, managers and the technical team. During the workshop we explored personas, new customer journeys and solutions that would help enhance the drivers delivery experience in the app.

The outcome of the workshop gave us a list of ideas and features that were prioritised based on the impact to the driver and the technical feasibility of the project.

What we learned:

We learned that drivers feel pressured to make their deliveries on time, whilst having to deal with technical issues using the current system.

Customer services are the backbone who can support the driver by updating consignments and keep the customer up to date. Previously this was all done through a separate system and managed over the phone.

All this research laid the foundation to what useful information was needed in the app.


We carried out a 6 week design sprint from wireframe to prototype, hi-fidelity designs, with internal user testing with Pall-Ex drivers and managers. We made sure that Pall-Ex were involved throughout the design process to ensure the product was meeting their brief and expectations, whilst solving the problem at hand.

From the workshop out, we created wireframes that showed the end-to-end journey of how drivers can complete tasks. Throughout this process we gained feedback from Pall-Ex and made iterations.

Following the wireframes, we created a design system of visual components that could be extended to each of the different app views. We then turned these visual designs into a clickable prototype, which allowed us to demo the app to key stakeholders.

Once the final designs were handed over to the development team, we supported them right up until launch. The app was made public on the iOS and Android stores - ready to be used by drivers across the UK to help enhance their deliveries.

And their story continues...


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