As a not-for-profit with no shareholders, WPA's sole focus is on the award-winning service it provides for its members. Elixel were commissioned to build stronger links and drive better value for their customers by improving their digital platform.

At a glance

  • Review and analyse customer feedback
  • Clickable prototype to support stakeholder engagement
  • Style guide to streamline the creation of future designs/functionality
  • Integration with GP booking system


In 2018 we designed the first WPA app as part of WPA's wider customer service offering. The app saw an increase of members, who were able to make claims and access information quickly. In 2021, we supported WPA in enhancing their app’s navigation by reducing the steps needed to make a claim, whilst introducing a dedicated health and wellbeing section, thereby providing customers with essential information on self-care and well-being practices. This update expanded onto redesigning their customer portal service to ensure a consistent desktop experience.

We started the process by doing a UX audit of their current systems, which identified the challenges and constraints between the use of creating a language that resonated with their customers, whilst at the same time meeting regulatory compliance. If the navigation and information was not made clear, this could lead to an increase of abandoned claims.

"One of the major things we learnt from working with Elixel is that it’s not just good design that makes an app easy to navigate; a lot of it is also down to the language that’s used." - Clare Sampson, Manager

We then hosted a virtual UX discovery workshop with key stakeholders, where we identified redundant pages within the original navigation to streamline the order of information, reducing the clicks needed to complete a task. This also allowed us to add the new health and wellbeing features, without negatively impacting the navigation. On the back of this, we created wireframes of the app and customer portal that demonstrated how the customer would complete particular tasks. This laid the foundations for us to move onto the hi-fidelity visuals.

"by going through the customer journey in this way, we were able to significantly streamline the navigation and allow easier access for members. With Elixel’s expertise, we could look through the lens of the customer, from beginning to end." - Clare Sampson, Manager


We carried out a 6 week design sprint from wireframe to prototype & hi-fidelity designs, which we presented back to the managers at WPA to gain valuable feedback. Throughout the design process we made sure that Clare was involved to make sure the product was meeting compliance and their customer needs.

Utilising the insights from the workshop, we successfully prioritised the features and content to create wireframes. These wireframes illustrated the comprehensive user journey, enabling us to identify and address any underlying assumptions about the app and customer portal functionality.

Desktop Designs

Recognising the significance of aligning the app's style with the broader WPA’s customer service environment, we created a design system to maintain consistent styles across their platforms. This system contained all necessary visual elements and guidelines. A key principle in our design approach was ensuring that the language used was accessible and comprehensible for customers unfamiliar with Health Insurance terminology.

"With this update, we are offering an outstanding contemporary customer experience; where members are getting immediate responses to their claims and appointments, plus added value with the Health and wellbeing content." - Clare Sampson, Manager


After the launch of the new app, WPA went on to win the Outstanding Use of Technology award, at the Cover Customer Care Awards in 2023 in recognition of WPA’s pioneering technology, specifically its WPA Health app - noting how the app design and development has increased customer usage.

50% increase in WPA Health app logins

60% of active customers utilising WPA Health

Over 90% of cash benefit claims submitted digitally

And their story continues...

Winning the insurance price war; Focus on loyalty

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