2022 Elixel Round Up

2022 Elixel Round Up

Another year comes to a close and we can’t really contemplate how quickly the last 12 months have passed us by.

Aimee Pallett
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December 21, 2022

This year marked a milestone for us, 10 years in business. It’s not all been smooth sailing along the way but we are great believers in celebrating the wins so here is a quick round up of our year.

Us and our people!


We kicked off the year with a new member of the team, Cherokee. She joined us as a UX Researcher and slotted straight in. She immediately engrossed herself in project work and has since worked with a significant number of our clients this year providing them with important user research and testing. 


2022 marks our 10 year anniversary so we celebrated in style at The Treasury with our family and friends from the digital community. Let’s just say we packed 10 years of celebrating into 1 night! 

After 10 years in business we felt we needed a rebrand to better represent ourselves, so we collaborated with another local agency, Upshot Design to create our brand new look. The big reveal took place at the birthday party and we couldn’t be more elated with the outcome - thanks Upshot! 


Our Creative Director Paul Bird was nominated for ‘The Game Changer - Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in the 2022 Chamber Business Awards for the South West region. Of all the nominees in the region he won 🎉 but was sadly piped to the post of the National Award by Beth Health of Shropshire Festivals - well done Beth. We’re still super proud of Paul for being top in the region!


Now, October was really fun! As part of our birthday celebrations we decided to take a little trip with the team (minus Harry, who we sorely missed) to thank them for all the hard work so we decided some winter sun was needed! 


Food was eaten, drinks were consumed and sun was enjoyed. We even took in some of the sights.


We rounded off the year with an intimate evening of drinks and games in the office whilst enjoying a takeaway. Not the glamour of Greece but the belly laughs were had in the bucket loads! 

Pick of the projects

Sleep Wise App

In April we were pleased to announce the release of the Sleep Wise app for Hunrosa in partnership with NASS. Aimed at supporting carers of SEND children, the Sleep Wise app provides guided pathways and instructional information that can help with improving sleep patterns and behaviours.  Initially released among the residential staff at NASS schools, the app has supported over 60 assessments across 10+ schools, and is now available for the public to purchase to help even more. 

“Love the app. The modules were informative. Easy to use. Simple & user friendly. Great for parents with smaller kids, teens and adults to solve sleeping problems.” - Support worker


In May we pushed NetHabit live on the iOS store. The NetHabit app was created to support parents in keeping their kids safe online. Parents and guardians are given tailored tasks for setting up the devices in their home, guidance for key conversations they need to be having with their children and alerts on any negative trends they need to be aware of. Barry is currently raising investment to take NetHabit through its next stage of development.

“In the past, I’ve found it difficult to keep up with the risks and settings to keep my kids' devices safe… Love the ease of use and helpful guides on the conversations required” - iOS user


We worked with Pall-Ex to design and develop a new app that would increase efficiencies for drivers by reducing internal phone calls and monitoring accuracy of deliveries. The app allows drivers to manage consignments and meet compliance through vehicle checklists. 

In summer 2022, Pall-Ex began a successful rollout of the app to over 750 drivers worldwide, with 30% gradual utilisation in Poland, France and Romania.

2023 is already shaping up to be a busy and exciting year for projects and we can’t wait to get stuck in after the well deserved and much needed Christmas break. 

We want to wish all of our clients, friends and family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’ll see you on the flip side ✌️.


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