NetHabit is a mobile application which offers personalised support for parents in keeping their children safe online, from step-by-step device set up, guides on talking through key topics and news alerts of potential risks.

At a glance

  • Clickable prototype
  • Multiple rounds of user testing
  • Content management system
  • Integration of influencer referral system


Barry the founder of NetHabit wanted to improve children's online safety and wellbeing, although Barry had completed some preliminary market research, we knew we needed to build a solid foundation in the pain points, needs and behaviours of parents surrounding this problem space which we achieved in an in-depth discovery & research process.

"The big questions I needed answers to were: What are the pain points encountered by parents when trying to keep their children safe online? What can we do to solve the pain points? How do we keep parents engaged?" - Barry Kick, Founder of NetHabit
"Elixel did some highly detailed work around the different personas of those who were experiencing the problems the app would be addressing." - Barry Kick, Founder of NetHabit

After an in-depth and meticulous UX discovery process we had gathered some foundational learnings on parents behaviour around their children's online safety, furthermore we had outlined a spec for the MVP that would allow Barry to gain investments and solve user problems.


We carried out a 3 week design sprint from wireframe to prototype, hi-fidelity designs and user testing. We made sure Barry was involved throughout the design process to ensure the product was meeting his expectations in-regards to solving the problem and incorporating his brand into the visual design.

From the workshop insights we were able to prioritise the apps features and create wireframes for the product, which showed the end-to-end journey of how the app could work.

Working from the brand guidelines we imbedded the colours, typography and patterns to create the hi-fidelity app designs. These designs were then made into a clickable prototype that Barry could use to demonstrated the full user journey to potential user testers. From onboarding as a parents to completing a tasks and gaining points within the app.

"My expectations were high, and Elixel met them." - Barry Kick, Founder of NetHabit

And their story continues...


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