Educational health app to resolve young peoples' sleep problems

Sleep Wise App

Sleep Wise is a mobile application that helps users cultivate healthy sleep habits, particularly in SEND individuals. Benefiting health professionals, schools, and parents, the app identifies potential sleep issues in young people and offers quality advice and resources for improvement. The Sleep Wise app has also been certified by the world’s number one technology provider for delivering safe digital health, ORCHA.

At a glance

  • Anonymised sensitive health data
  • Push notification reminders
  • Evidence based recommendations
  • ORCHA certified


The Sleep Wise app was the brainchild of two organisations, Hunrosa, a sleep consultant, and the National Association of Independent Schools & Non-Maintained Special Schools (NASS). Our first phase began with running group multi-disciplinary workshops with 12 individuals across the partnership to get a sense of the user’s needs and problems and how the app could support them.  We were then able to prioritise the requirements in line with the project budget and build out an initial app model that identified the key areas and features.

Elixel has been really great at guiding everyone involved in the process, and they go above and beyond for us - Jan Jenner, Founder at Hunrosa

The concept of the Sleep Wise app was inspired by the original sleep training PDF resource produced by Hunrosa. We were able to work with the resource and Hunrosa’s expertise to identify what should be digitised and interactive and how the information could be mapped to provide recommendations. Features identified included user registration, push notification reminders, assessment sharing between carers, and learning resources.  The journey was then converted into a clickable prototype that could be given to the project beta testing group for feedback before going through development.


In order to guarantee the success of the final product, the developed iOS and Android app was initially tested as a beta release within the NASS membership, utilising app store testing tracks to provide private versions of the app to try. After a 3 month period of testing the app was then released for public access.

Following its release Sleep Wise was also submitted to ORCHA for a digital health app assessment of its safety, accessibility and security, and received ORCHA certified status in January 2023. The app has continued through ongoing product improvement, including the addition of a digital sleep diary and subscription model with an aim to release 600 licences to schools and institutions along with Hunrosa consultancy support in 2023.

Love the app.  The modules were informative. Easy to use. Simple & user friendly. Great for parents with smaller kids, teens and adults to solve sleeping problems. - Support worker

And their story continues...


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