When Harry met Elixel

When Harry met Elixel

The team has grown by another member and we feel like proud parents showing off our new addition to the world. This one comes in the form of Harry Sayers, our new Product Designer.

Aimee Pallett
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November 16, 2021

The darker mornings and shorter days came along with the month of October and so did Harry. He really did get off to a flying start and it didn’t take us long to notice that Harry is super hands-on and more than willing to offer opinions and ideas to the table.

When someone new starts I like to get to know them so we sat down and had a little chat (interrogation really 😜) and here’s what I learnt about Harry.

He grew up in a town just north of London but moved to the South West with his family approximately 6 years ago. When it came to the time in life to decide if he’d want to continue with further education Harry was drawn to the same course as our founding members, the Digital Art and Design course at Plymouth University. He had realised at a young age that ‘design is everything and how impactful it can be’ so a career in design was inevitable for young Harry, he even had his first freelance design job at the age of 13.

Outside of work Harry has a number of hobbies that all revolve around his creative nature; painting and drawing, writing, cooking and also building some of his own projects that include apps and robotics.

Harry is a passionate and ambitious individual and his 2 top 'bucket list' items are:

  1. Getting his pilots licence
  2. Completing a Phd

Just a couple of small achievements then, Hazza!

When he does sit down to relax and unwind you might find him watching his favourite show, Peaky Blinders but he is a fan of another period shows - we aren’t talking Downton Abbey here, it's darker than that…..think 300! Christopher Nolan would be his Director of choice so we know he is a man of good taste.

We are all pretty food driven in the office so an important question to pose to Harry had to be…...sweet or savoury?! I’ve mentioned before that we like to indulge in a ‘Munchy Monday’ on occasion so this information is key to us as a business. The winning category was 🥁........savoury! Crisps and bread in particular. That would have been my answer too so I can tell we’ll get along just fine.

Harry’s attitude and drive has made instantly feel like he’s been part of the Elixel family from day dot and I really can’t believe he’s only just completed his first full month with us. Welcome Harry, we really are honoured to have you here.

If you have a design project in mind that we can get Harry and the team working on then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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