We have moved office and we have some big news

We have moved office and we have some big news

Ok, we moved in September!

Gavin Jones
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February 20, 2017

As with many businesses we got pretty busy with client work and had to postpone the celebration of that key milestone until the new year. The move is a big one for us. Not only have we more than doubled our office space we have also tripled the number of windows and have enough space to bring in the talent to fit our client's individual, rather diverse needs. Being adaptable is hugely important when working on such a variety of great projects. This was highlighted in the projects we showcased during our office warming.

Virtual Reality for the Web

We know the growth boom for virtual reality is just around the corner, mainly caused by the technology becoming more affordable and the increase in platforms support. We decided that our office launch would be the ideal opportunity to showcase a virtual reality experience that can be embedded in a web page.

ODL Plymouth

We launched Open Device Lab Plymouth last year with the intention of offering the development community a place to go to test their apps and websites without the need to invest lots of money on new devices. With an office in a more central position in the city the ODL has become more accessible than ever and is now the second biggest in the South West!

Tea Minus

Our final announcement of the night was our first in-house app project Tea Minus. Tea Minus gives teams a fair way to decide who is making the next round of drinks. Just load the app, start a round and all your team will be alerted to say a round has started. They all pick what drink they want including personal preferences on how they want it made. When the round is over the app picks someone to make the drinks and gives them a detailed list of who wants what. The app has been distributed to private testers so we can make more tweaks and changes ready for public testing. To keep up to date on the progress sign up to our newsletter and follow our social channels on the Tea Minus website.

Round Up

The new office launch was a great way for us to show our appreciation to those who have supported us over the years as well as highlighting the projects we have been working on. Whether you are looking for a new way to engage with your clients or have an idea for an app that you would like to explore give us a call on 01752 395404 and book a meeting at our new office:

Royal London House 153-155 Armada Way Plymouth PL1 1HY


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