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In 2007, Shahzad Ali founded Get Licensed to fill a market gap in professional security licensing and employment connections. Collaborating with our team, Get Licensed developed a mobile app (GuardPass) and desktop platform to improve pass rates and create job opportunities for shift workers. The goal was to design a scalable, adaptable user interface for cross-platform consistency, aligning with the evolving Get Licensed brand. From the back of this work Get Licensed went on to raise £4 million in funding to expand on their systems.

At a glance

  • UX Audit - Examination of internal processes and current systems
  • Wireframes - demonstration of core user flows 
  • Design System - Comprehensive library ensuring consistency across the digital ecosystem.
  • Interactive Prototype - For stakeholder engagement and feedback.

Our Approach

We started by working with the two founders (Shahab and Shazad) to identify where the need was for their business and understand how their internal systems worked. Working over Covid all meetings we had with Get Licensed were virtual, which meant all workshops and collaborative sessions were done over Miro.  From this discovery phase, we crafted wireframes and prototypes that facilitated the development team’s early work on implementation. Our approach involved a 4-week design sprint focusing on wireframes, high-fidelity designs, and prototypes, always in close collaboration with Get Licensed to ensure alignment with their technical specification and the user objectives.

User Journey Mapping
User Journey Mapping

User flows and key tasks

We initiated the process by crafting user flows, outlining the essential actions and views required for the app. This foundational step played a crucial role in establishing a cohesive and shared comprehension of the app's navigation structure. It enabled us to identify and address potential issues at the earliest stage of development.


After establishing the framework, we proceeded to create wireframes using Miro. These wireframes offered a detailed depiction of the app's layout, functionalities, and flow. Leveraging these visual tools, we collaborated closely with Get Licensed, ensuring alignment between our designs and their vision and technical specification.

Hi-fidelity Designs
Hi-fidelity Designs

Hi-fidelity Designs

The wireframes evolved into high-fidelity designs and an interactive prototype. Despite Get Licensed having established colours and a typeface, our collaboration allowed us to create a comprehensive design system, breathing life into the brand. The prototype played a crucial role in presenting the user journey tangibly, facilitating real-time feedback and iterative collaboration with Get Licensed.


The successful development of both the mobile app and employer dashboard played a pivotal role in securing funding for Get Licensed, resulting in a substantial investment of over £4 million. This financial boost enabled them to scale their operations significantly, solidifying their position as the leading marketplace for security professionals and training in the UK.

As of 2023, GuardPass App has over 100,000 users, highlighting its acceptance and utility within the security industry.
And their story continues...


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