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Things aren't going to plan, but you don't know why? We understand that products or services need constant refinements to help build retention and avoid frustration. By uncovering the key challenges your users are facing, you can make small improvements to make customers lives easier.

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Here are a few techniques we can try together
to get you started...

In the form of workshops, face to face meetings and getting out on the front line, our UX experts use a
combination of tools and techniques to uncover the challenges your customers face.

Generative Research

Provides insight into your users' goals, needs, and behaviours allowing you to clearly define the problem you want to solve. Useful for when users are behaving unexpectedly.

Stakeholder Mapping

Gathers information on the relevant users and conducts interviews to understand your business constraints and requirements. Useful to ensure any design updates incorporates the needs of all involved.

Diary Studies

Collects qualitative data in a real world environment which allows you to understand the behaviours or actions that are part of a user flow over time.

Competitor Analysis

Gains understanding of what features or experiences your competitors use which allows you to prioritise and make improvements on your own product or service.

A/B Testing

Tests multiple variants to reduce design bias, leaving it up to your customers to uncover what works and what doesn't.

Prototype Testing

Tests your clickable prototype, following a pre-designed script of real world scenarios, giving you insights into how your product could be used.

“Working with the Elixel team was one of the best decisions we could have made for our project.”

Michael Parker-Bray, Communications Officer, Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership

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