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Whether you help people to get educated, get healthy, or get their finances in order, we make sure we really get your perspective, and check it fits with what your audience needs.

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"Our app was made possible by our excellent working relationship with Elixel."




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For many of our clients, our collaborative strategic consultancy is the most critical service we offer.

The aim is to ensure their big vision or the problem they want to solve is thoroughly analysed before they commission any design work at all. Imagine spending your budget on an app and finding out it’s not quite fit for purpose – that’s exactly the frustration we help you avoid.

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Capturing valuable information about how your organisation provides its services and what your users experience. This in-depth process includes techniques such as interviews, surveys, focus groups and ‘service safaris’, where a researcher gets invaluable first-hand insights in your workplace.

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Building up a detailed picture by scrutinising our data. We combine agile methods and research models to reveal key insights about your customers’ experience. Using service analysis, customer profile building and competitor analysis, we evaluate how well you’re meeting your users’ needs.

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Using our research insights, we propose a user-focused digital strategy to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be. We explore what form the solution could take, how it can be delivered and the monetisation model – and provide practical, actionable steps to make it happen.

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A selection of our work

All about people

We take a design-thinking approach, helping us understand what you and your end-users want.

Asking the right questions

Our research gets to the heart of your customers’ experience, delivering genuinely useful insights.

Inspiring new perspectives

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will bring life to your project!

Facing the future

Our digital strategies meet current needs while also setting you up for tomorrow’s challenges.

"I had some very open, honest meetings with Elixel at the beginning to discuss what was possible and they have maintained this open door to me so I can talk to them on an ongoing basis. It’s important to me to have these moments; it allows ideas to flow, and the app to evolve."

Freyja Hanstein, Founder, Wholesome World

“Working with the Elixel team was one of the best decisions we could have made for our project.”

Michael Parker-Bray, Communications Officer, Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership

"In our partnership with Elixel, we have created an evidence-based measuring tool which will improve outcomes for young people. Elixel worked with patience and diligence over three years to produce a digital compass that gives us what we want now for our customers - approximately 500 young people - and which has the potential to grow."

Jenny Endean, Young Person Service Development Manager, LiveWest

"The Elixel team were central to me being able to turn my idea into a pioneering app that meets the needs of its intended users. I needed them to build the best possible product on time and on budget, which they did. Working with them on this project was a great process, and whatever they said they’d do, they did."

Barry Kick, Founder, NetHabit

There’s more…

This is just part of our service offering and process. It could be the area your organisation is focused on right now. Or you might want to combine it with our other services, which you can explore here.

In the end, they are all pieces of the same puzzle. But the big picture is always the same – a smart and useful experience for your customers that makes their lives better.

Crafting & designing

There's more to designing an app than just making it look great. We will work with you to design a product that creates meaningful impact for you and your users.

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Development & testing

We've got code covered! Our developers strive for a clean build every time, and our rigorous testing gives you confidence that your product will work everywhere.

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Launching & looking ahead

We're here to help launch your product into the wild but our relationship doesn't have to end there. Extra features? New ideas? No problem! We offer different levels of support to fit your needs.

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