Development & testing

Meticulous, practical and experienced, our developers pride themselves on turning concepts, ideas and visuals into smart and useful tools that people feel confident and comfortable using.

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"Their technical knowhow really shone through in the final deliverables".

Plinth Media



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It should go without saying that the quality of our code is scrutinised regularly, but not for our own benefit – for yours, and for your users.

The better it’s built, the more robust and usable it will be, and the fewer problems it will encounter in the future when, inevitably, technology and business needs to change. And whether we’re creating a new mobile app for your customers, revamping an existing product or digitising an in-house company system, the objective is always to create an exceptional experience. Our development team work meticulously behind the scenes to perfect the tech – that means smooth running, cross-platform accessibility and seamless software integration. Always with an eye on your business goal.

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Production illustration


Building your digital product and making the magic happen. We’ll already have a clear blueprint for functionality, design and user flows through detailed research and planning. Now we code, connect and create – taking your product from concept to fully functioning digital experience.

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Refinement illustration


Completing your product build uncovers further opportunity to hone and polish it ahead of release. We run a thorough series of tests on your product, spotting and fixing any bugs, and making sure everything behaves as it should.

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Before the full launch, we can test drive your product with a sample group of your audience. Allowing real people to interact with it generates valuable feedback, allowing further fine-tuning before your product is rolled out more widely.

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A selection of our work

Keeping you in the loop

It’s a collaboration – we welcome your input as we adapt your product during the build phase.

Always searching for more

Even when your app is in production, we take new opportunities to make it the best it can be.

A powerful mix of expertise

You can trust our resourceful team to deliver on performance, security and quality control.

Built for the journey ahead

Rest assured that your digital product is robustly developed to thrive on the platforms it’s made for.

"I had some very open, honest meetings with Elixel at the beginning to discuss what was possible and they have maintained this open door to me so I can talk to them on an ongoing basis. It’s important to me to have these moments; it allows ideas to flow, and the app to evolve."

Freyja Hanstein, Founder, Wholesome World

“Elixel created a site for us that makes us stand out and makes it clear to visitors what we’re all about. We have won new clients on the back of the website and have had a great deal of positive feedback from our clients and our team.”

Neil Stevens, Director, Bromhead

“Elixel has provided us with continued excellent service for the past two years. They are a reliable, responsive and trustworthy team who are always there to offer help and support when we need them.”

Sally Winter, Head of Marketing & Content, Video Arts

"Elixel put themselves in our customers’ shoes and asked the questions from their position. In practical terms, by going through the customer journey in this way, we were able to significantly streamline the navigation and allow easier access for members. With Elixel’s expertise, we could look through the lens of the customer, from beginning to end."

Clare Sampson, Head of Business Process Change, WPA Health Insurance

There's more...

This is just part of our service offering and process. It could be the area your organisation is focused on right now. Or you might want to combine it with our other services, which you can explore here.

In the end, they are all pieces of the same puzzle. But the big picture is always the same – a smart and useful experience for your customers that makes their lives better.

Exploring & guiding

This is where we will help you to build an in depth understanding of your users, analyse competitors in the market and work with you to plan your product strategy.

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Crafting & designing

There's more to designing an app than just making it look great. We will work with you to design a product that creates meaningful impact for you and your users.

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Launching & looking ahead

We're here to help launch your product into the wild but our relationship doesn't have to end there. Extra features? New ideas? No problem! We offer different levels of support to fit your needs.

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