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With the planning, development and testing complete, it’s time to get your digital product out there. We believe our relationship doesn't have to end there. If future features are on the cards, or if you want a level of continued technical support, we can create bespoke support packages to fit your vision

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"Our clients loved it so much that we have so many trials scheduled that we can't keep up"

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Releasing your app or digital product isn’t the end of the road. Once it’s out in the wild, the all-important work to fully realise its potential happens.

Launching your product is an exciting moment – the culmination of meticulous planning and preparation. It’s critical to get the launch right, with a strategy to achieve a smooth switch-on and to reach your target audience from the word go. And it’s essential that you measure and analyse how your product performs, and act on these discoveries. We will be there to guide you through it all.

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We work with you to determine the best approach to launching. Whether it’s an app destined for distribution online or a digital tool for the people in your organisation, we’ll help get it into the hands of your target users. And deliver a smooth, well-orchestrated launch when the moment comes.

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Once your product is set loose, there’s a wealth of live data we can tap into. We can evaluate ROI, run A/B testing, assess engagement and analyse user behaviour. Or use whatever other measure best indicates what matters – which is whether your product is achieving what you want it to.

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The best digital solutions are ones that improve and evolve over time. We can use your analytics to tune up your product, switch course or prioritise the features that work best. And to adapt as the digital environment shifts by developing updates and fixes, and responding to platform changes.

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A selection of our work

Ongoing support

Our service doesn’t end with the launch. We’re here for support and collaboration as long as you need us.

Spirit of discovery

Is it 'bunctional'? We love combining the bold and the functional – which might work more on your project?

Business thinking

We’re not satisfied with a digital solution that 'just' works – we want it to help you achieve business goals too.

Ready for tomorrow

If you’re ready to take your digital growth into the future, we’re here as your partner for the long-term.

"The Elixel team were central to me being able to turn my idea into a pioneering app that meets the needs of its intended users. I needed them to build the best possible product on time and on budget, which they did. Working with them on this project was a great process, and whatever they said they’d do, they did."

Barry Kick, Founder, NetHabit

“The level of support and synergies between our in-house team and Elixel's team speaks volumes of what a great company this is to work with.”

James Calvert, Project Manager, Arvato

“We couldn't have created our App without Elixel's involvement. Working with them feels more like a partnership and the creativity they brought to the table is priceless.”

Pete Ward-Edwards, Director, Genepool / Comichaus

"In our partnership with Elixel, we have created an evidence-based measuring tool which will improve outcomes for young people. Elixel worked with patience and diligence over three years to produce a digital compass that gives us what we want now for our customers - approximately 500 young people - and which has the potential to grow."

Jenny Endean, Young Person Service Development Manager, LiveWest

There's more...

This is just part of our service offering and process. It could be the area your organisation is focused on right now. Or you might want to combine it with our other services, which you can explore here.

In the end, they are all pieces of the same puzzle. But the big picture is always the same – a smart and useful experience for your customers that makes their lives better.

Exploring & guiding

This is where we will help you to build an in depth understanding of your users, analyse competitors in the market and work with you to plan your product strategy.

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Crafting & designing

There's more to designing an app than just making it look great. We will work with you to design a product that creates meaningful impact for you and your users.

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Development & testing

We've got code covered! Our developers strive for a clean build every time, and our rigorous testing gives you confidence that your product will work everywhere.

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