Crafting & designing

With a really clear understanding of your project we can get cracking on designing a working prototype for you to look at, click, touch, and test drive.

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Design is all about making sure the experience & functionality as well as the visual look and feel of the tech are right for the people it's made for

A digital solution is only as good as the real human experience it provides, and we’re in the business of using digital products to improve people’s lives, not bamboozle them! 

Wireframe illustrationVisual design illustrationPrototype illustration
Wireframe illustration


Using object modelling, we design a system which brings together the elements and interactions needed to create a strong user experience. From this, we construct a wireframe – a simplified model of your product that captures the overall structure and how your users’ journey flows from start to finish.

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Visual design illustration

Visual Design

We apply your brand’s colours, typography and styles to deliver a realistic mock-up of your final product. This gives a high-fidelity impression of what you can expect to see, allows basic interactions with the interface, and lets us test usability and accessibility before the build happens.

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Prototype illustration


Experience a detailed representation of your digital product. It’s clickable, interactive and visually evolved, giving you an accurate sense of the user journey. This pre-coding phase is ideal for testing designs before production begins, and presenting to investors or management teams.

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A selection of our work

Focused on user-need

Every part of the design phase considers the people your product is aimed at helping.

Strong on detail

App design is about more than what you see – we also use this stage to make everything work better.

Striving for more

We draw on valuable feedback at the design phase to enable us to fine-tune your digital product.

At the cutting edge

Harnessing the latest technology and embracing modern design, we help make your business future-ready.

“We couldn't have created our App without Elixel's involvement. Working with them feels more like a partnership and the creativity they brought to the table is priceless.”

Pete Ward-Edwards, Director, Genepool / Comichaus

“Elixel created a site for us that makes us stand out and makes it clear to visitors what we’re all about. We have won new clients on the back of the website and have had a great deal of positive feedback from our clients and our team.”

Neil Stevens, Director, Bromhead

"Elixel put themselves in our customers’ shoes and asked the questions from their position. In practical terms, by going through the customer journey in this way, we were able to significantly streamline the navigation and allow easier access for members. With Elixel’s expertise, we could look through the lens of the customer, from beginning to end."

Clare Sampson, Head of Business Process Change, WPA Health Insurance

"In our partnership with Elixel, we have created an evidence-based measuring tool which will improve outcomes for young people. Elixel worked with patience and diligence over three years to produce a digital compass that gives us what we want now for our customers - approximately 500 young people - and which has the potential to grow."

Jenny Endean, Young Person Service Development Manager, LiveWest

There's more...

This is just part of our service offering and process. It could be the area your organisation is focused on right now. Or you might want to combine it with our other services, which you can explore here.

In the end, they are all pieces of the same puzzle. But the big picture is always the same – a smart and useful experience for your customers that makes their lives better.

Exploring & guiding

This is where we will help you to build an in depth understanding of your users, analyse competitors in the market and work with you to plan your product strategy.

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Development & testing

We've got code covered! Our developers strive for a clean build every time, and our rigorous testing gives you confidence that your product will work everywhere.

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Launching & looking ahead

We're here to help launch your product into the wild but our relationship doesn't have to end there. Extra features? New ideas? No problem! We offer different levels of support to fit your needs.

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